How To: Build a light table for silkscreening and photography

Build a light table for silkscreening and photography

Josh Copp and Madeline Donahue show us how to build a light table from pine wood and plywood utilizing two fluorescent light fixtures as the light source inside the box. The frame of the box is fashioned out of two 1X8 planks cut into four pieces so that two sides are 30 inches and two sides are 22 3/8 inches. The base of the box is made of plywood or OSB and is 30X22 3/8. Once the pieces are cut and assembled using a pocket hole jig and wood screws, the inside of the box is painted with white paint. Then the 2 ft light fixtures which have two lights each are attached to the base using small bolts with lock washers and nuts. Fluorescent tubes are installed in the fixtures and a switch is wired to the fixtures and attached to the outside of the box. Double-sided tape is then attached to the edges to keep the glass in place and the glass is put on top. The edges of the glass are then taped off using gaffer's tape. And the light table is finished and ready to use.

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