How To: Silk screen print t-shirts in four minutes

Silk screen print t-shirts in four minutes

This video, which was made at Peopleprint Community Media in Rochdale, teaches how to easily silk screen print a t-shirt in only four minutes! First, design the artwork to be used for the print, then print it on acetate. Next find a clean screen. Put some emulsion in a coating trough and slowly and steadily coat the screen in emulsion. Then dry the emulsion in a dark room and expose the screen to light. Next wash the screen with water and the artwork should become visible. Mask the exposed areas on the screen with tape. Finally, line up the design with the screen and secure the screen to the clamps and apply ink to the screen. After allowing it to dry under heat lamps, you are finished with your silk screen print t-shirt!

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pfft, you forgot to mention that this tek involves having your own silkscreen studio with thousands of dollars of equipment. Your quick stepping through the process, does not, in my mind, qualify this as a how to.

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