How To: Silk screen without using an actual silkscreen

Silk screen without using an actual silkscreen

Learn how to screen print/ silkscreen a tshirt without using an actual silkscreen. Have you ever wanted to paint your own shirt or silkscreen multiple prints? Now you can know how! Creating your own designs is a lot of fun.

Music is originally by radiohead, redone by john vanderslice on a stereogum tribute cd.

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Great clip. Thanks for sharing and choosing good music.

Wow-make it look so easy! Thanks for taking the time to do it start to finish, and explaining what kind of fabric to use - looks very "doable"! (Just an afterthought - you're sweet, and "quiet" on the vid, but then music is VERY loud - would love to hear you speak up a bit, and the tunes down a bit :) (For future use). Kudos!

Love your vid... Hey I was wondering, do you know of another way to put the graphic onto the screen. As If I had used a printer or something. Get back to me when you get a moment. Thanx a lot.

Great video! Yours is the best! I watched several videos last night and early this morning. Maybe I should have watched a young person's video earlier. Your instructions are very detailed and you made the time to show the steps as you worked. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, not only was this an informative vid it was a pleasure to watch because you are just so awesome. Thank you and rock on, ugogrl

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