How To: Make a Cheap DIY Silkscreen for Screen-Printing Logos & Designs on T-Shirts

Make a Cheap DIY Silkscreen for Screen-Printing Logos & Designs on T-Shirts

This is silk screen production, the cheap and easy DIY way! In order to make this easy silkscreen for making cool T-shirt logos and designs, you'll need some acrylic paint, paintbrushes, cheap net curtain (patterned or plain), vinyl sign sheets, blackboard (or cork board), and some fabric paints to paint with. Also, you'll need a CraftROBO precision cutter. Soon, you'll have your very own screen-printed tee shirt, thanks to your very own homemade silkscreen.

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Cover image via Caitlin Childs/Flickr


this is great. I used to silkscreen a few years ago.
so great to see you can clean with ink remover.
Any names of places which sell the remover and the cleaner both

thanks. Mauraine in Uk

I like the tek, though what you were doing while attaching screen to frame was difficult to determine because it was going so fast. You might want to slow that down a bit and offer a little more explanation.

BTW tunes were cool.


Thats really very nice idea. Me and my friends also like the Jimi Hendrix wall art prints on the t-shirts like on as they look very nice and an art lover would definitely love to have it in their collection.

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