How To: Screen print a t-shirt

Screen print a t-shirt

Screen printing only takes a few simple tools: a squeegee, the screen frame, ink, and the t-shirt. Make a silkscreen out of anything you like. Watch this video screenprinting tutorial and learn how to silkscreen a t-shirt at home.

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I thought this was great and entertaining. Job well done.

I used to work at a screen-printing shop. And your method for a one-color shirt at home is GREAT! (Not too mention free of NOXIOUS screen-cleaning removal solutions and PRICEY equipment..) A little grainy on the vid, but content wise... Not bad, son, not bad! ;) Christen (hopin' your blog gets more hits by now, too woth all your hard work!)

sorry-that last one should have posted "Christen" after the (hopin'...) comment - again, kudos for the vid!

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